Technical writer for hire

Hi there, I’m Mark 👋.

I’m a technical writer and editor that works with companies of all sizes. Below you’ll find some areas where I can help, and examples to give you a better idea of the work I do. If anything sounds like something your company needs help with, get in touch.

Product and developer documentation

Great docs make the difference between good and great tools, and poor documentation can slow adoption.

Whether as a permanent member of your team or merely dropping in for big releases, I can help craft accessible, informative, and clear documentation.

I can assist in:

  • Building out docs from scratch.
  • Audit and rework existing documentation to improve the information architecture, improve clarity, and help with future organization.
  • Helping to select a docs-as-code platform, or build one to suit a team’s specific goals.
  • Develop a style guide that hits the right balance so your developers aren’t blocked by overly noisy warnings.

The following describes my approach to documentation projects:

Technical writing and editing

Technical explainers, tutorials, and guides are a great way to add content to your site, blog, or docs. Keyword-rich SEO may bring traffic, but educational content that solves real customer needs converts visitors into customers.

Some examples of the kinds of developer content I can write can be found on the articles page of this site, or in the links below:

Developer writing programs

Interested in making it easier for engineers to write for your company blog? I can help launch writing initiatives for your team, act as an editor, and transform drafts and ideas into valuable blog posts. If you’re struggling with culture-fit and attracting passionate team members, don’t slack on your team’s blog.


Get in touch

Let’s work together! If you’d like to discuss a project or chat about ways I can help your team, contact me via email or on LinkedIn.