Welcome to markmichon/now. Here’s what I’m up to lately. This page in inspired by the /now movement. If you see something of interest here, let me know on Mastodon.

Last updated: May 14, 2024


I’m actively looking for a new technical writing role! Head over to the Hire me page for details, or get in touch on LinkedIn or Mastodon.


  • This site, the one you’re reading, is finally seeing some updates. I’m building out new features and writing about them. More to come.
  • Adding features and styling to 👋 (Wave), my bespoke little privacy-first analytics app.
  • Building Texture, a site for my writing about travel, cities, and subjects further adrift from code.


  • After a year in a cool, dark place, last year’s batch of umeshu is finally complete.
  • Our kitchen is in peak fermentation mode. Aside from the usual tub of kimchi in the fridge, the pantry has an assortment of in-progress concoctions like makgeolli, mustard, and ginger beer on heavy-rotation.