Removing the Barrier

It seems like every day a new tool is released to enable us. To make us better at our craft. Something new to learn with the promise of an improved workflow. Higher Productivity.

The problem comes when we put too much between our minds and the end result. This is why writing and sketching are so beneficial to getting started on a project. There is little to no resistance between our thoughts and the page. An idea comes to us, and we do something with it. No booting up photoshop, loading a browser, or worry of saves and versions.

This is not to say that our tools do not better us, they certainly do. The trick is to find a tool that minimizes the barrier. Easily learnable, highly memorable, and an extension of our talents.

Illustration of a Seed

The minimalist writing environment has taken off with apps like Byword and iA Writer, and I hope the trend continues to other systems. Applications like Sketch are a fantastic step in the right direction; software that just makes sense and doesn’t get in the way.

A key part of user experience that seems to get lost in large systems is enjoyment. We like products that make our lives easier and help us do our jobs better, but we love products that do all that and make us feel good at the same time.