This project came about from the mutual needs of a fellow faculty member as well as an opportunity to appear on This Week in Webdesign. The goals for each source varied slightly, but the basis was a basic HTML and CSS page, well formed and semantic, that could be used to describe the process and concepts of basic front-end development to beginners.

Exploring the Moon Headline

The topic spawned from the need for something universal, non-technical, and with content freely available in the public domain (or at the very least easily licensed).


The biggest challenge came with designing something that was simple enough to discuss in a short period of time, as well as complex enough to successfully demonstrate many html elements without overwhelming the student.

Basic footer & nav demonstration

There seems to be a trend in most basic html/css courses that results in poorly designed demonstration sites, about overly technical topics. My goal was to create something that was both simple, fun, and nice to look at.

See the project and explore the code on Github: sourcedemo