Who I am.

Hi, my name is Mark Michon and I design interfaces for people. I also write a bit about design, education, and the world. I’ve been casually building things on the web since the early 2000s, and professionally for the last few years. I hold a BA in Digital Media with a focus on Internet and Interactive Systems from the University of Central Florida. My day job consists of helping others discover the importance of designing for the web at Full Sail University.

I care about design that makes people enjoy the experience just as much as it helps them get the job done. The right mix of aesthetics, usability, and enchantment makes all the difference.

About this site.

This site is in a constant state of iteration. It is built by hand with SCSS, html5, and a bit of Bourbon. It is mostly static and generated by Jekyll. Typefaces in use are Futura PT and Tisa Web Pro, served via Typekit.

Hosting has been provided by the fine folks at A Small Orange for nearly a decade.

Say Hello.

I’m always looking for new projects, jobs, guest spots, and more. Feel free to get in touch via email, twitter, or linkedin. Also feel free to check out some of the things I’m working on over at github and dribbble